Ecopass table.

Ecopass Class

Euro/Emissions Class

Minimum standard

Ecopass Cost


Multiple *

Yearly – residents only

Class I

LPG, natural gas, electric, hybrid vehicles

Alternative fuel

Free Access

Class II

Petrol cars & goods vehicles (GVs) Euro 3+

Diesel cars & goods vehicles with diesel particulate filters (dpfs)

Euro 5 diesel cars with factory fitted dpfs

Euro 4 diesel cars without dpf (until 31.12.2009)

Euro 4 & 5 diesel goods vehicles without dpf (until 31.12.2009)

Petrol cars & GVs Euro 3

Diesel cars & GV with dpf


Until 2010:

Diesel cars & GV Euro 4

Free Access

Class III

Euro 1, 2 petrol cars & goods vehicles

Petrol cars & GVs Euro 1


€50 / 60


Class IV

Pre-Euro petrol cars & goods vehicles

Euro 1, 2, 3 diesel cars

Euro 3 diesel goods vehicles

Euro 4&5 diesel coaches

Euro 0

Diesel cars   
Euro 1

Diesel GV
Euro 3

Euro 4


€125 / 150


Class V

Pre-Euro diesel cars

Pre-Euro, Euro 1, 2 diesel goods vehicles

Pre-Euro, Euro 1, 2, 3 diesel coaches

Mopeds and motorcycles^

Diesel cars
Euro 0

Diesel GV Euro 0

Coaches Euro 0



€250 / 300


* There are no reductions for commercial vehicles. The multiple entry Ecopass allows you to enter the Ecopass area on 50 – not necessarily consecutive – days, with a 50% reduction on the daily Ecopass charge and for a further 50 days with a 40% reduction. There are no multiple entry reductions from the 101st day onwards.

^ Mopeds and motorcycles are exempt from the charge


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