Aosta exemptions

- Owners of the marks A, B, C, D, for transit and parking within the Limited Traffic Zone towns;
- Cycles;
- Means of public assistance (ambulance) and means of fire departments, law enforcement, the courts and prisons;
- Public transport vehicles;
- low-emission vehicles powered by natural gas, LPG, electric or hybrid;
- Vehicles equipped with certified diesel particulate filter;
- Vehicle owners and drivers of vehicles "Euro 0" that appear to be in the registration certificate is resident in the LEZ;

- Mopeds and motorcycles;
- Vehicles for the transport of persons subject to hospitalisation and / or medical treatment and / or rehabilitation programs and / or ongoing medically certified;
- Vehicles travelling to a annual maintenance inspection for the Inspectorate of Motor Vehicles and / or authorised Workshops scheduled with a special document of booking;
- Vehicles of workers employed by companies or institutions where working hours begin or end in a period not covered by public transport fit for the job. The workers concerned should be provided with certification issued by the employer stating the type and / or articulation of the shifts. Certifications are not valid for journeys between home and work less than two miles;
- Motor vehicles direct to schools for accompanying the pupils of kindergartens, nursery schools and primary schools, whose tenants are accompanied by self-declaration of attendance stating the time of entry and exit, limited to 30 minutes before and after these hours. Self-declarations are not valid for journeys to school less than kilometre (self-declaration of the specimen can be collected at the schools, the door of the town of Piazza Chanoux, the local police station or downloaded from the site - );
- Vehicles of residents in other Italian regions bearing booking invoice or the payment of the hotel;
- Vehicles of the hawkers in the markets or fixed direct from them, and itinerant peddlers licensed;
- Agricultural machinery and exclusively responsible for the operations being carried out and the necessary transfers;
- Hearses and vehicles;
- Vehicles used for transporting hot meals and anything else with regard to school lunches, school cafeterias, senior centres etc.
- Means of managing bodies of public services to carry out emergency measures, the Italian post office and vehicles carrying drugs;
- Vehicles on waste collection;
- Historic vehicles in possession of the identity certificate / approval issued after registration in the appropriate historical records. The document should be kept on board the vehicle and exhibited upon request of the control authorities;
- vehicles used to transport fuel, liquid or gaseous, for the distribution and consumption;
- The means used for the transport of perishable goods;
- Authorised vehicles for operations on site;
- Vehicles driven by people with ability to walk significantly reduced, provided with the certification;
- Vehicles used by doctors and veterinarians fitted with card issued by the professional in home visit;
- vehicles in services of television with the means of support, recovery, generators, radio receivers , etc. on board
- The vehicles used by technical and operational assistance for urgent or emergency situations, with a certificate of registration with the Chamber of Commerce which shows the company's business. The intervention must be documented by self-certification by showing the destination, route and time of the assistance or transportation;
- Vehicles used by driving schools in active practice or driving tests.

4. That further exceptions to the above limitations can be directly effected by the local police station.

These exemptions are listed for your guide only. They are not officially translated, and are current as of winter 2009/10. The original on the city/regional/national website is the only accurate source.
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