Oberhausen & Mühlheim

Dates and details
* From 1st January 2015
o Diesel Euro 4(PM), Petrol Euro 1 / Green Sticker.

Vehicles affected
All diesel vehicles, and petrol vehicles without a closed loop catalytic converter (Euro 1 or equivalent).
All vehicles must have a sticker - see National Scheme below.

Scheme Boundary
DE Offenbach map

Road Sign
DE Euro 2 Low Emission Zone Road Sign DE Euro 3 Low Emission Zone Road Sign DE Euro 4 Low Emission Zone Road Sign
DE Euro 2 LEZ Road Sign DE Euro 3 LEZ Road Sign DE Euro 4 LEZ Road Sign

Need to Register?
A sticker must be bought and displayed in the windscreen - see National Scheme below. This sticker is then valid for all LEZs in Germany.
Proof of emissions standard (given on German vehicle papers) is needed to purchase the sticker. Stickers can be purchased from the vehicle registration, authorities, authorised local garages, vehicle test organisations like TÜV, DEKRA, or some websites.

The LEZ city authorities and other cities also sell stickers, often over the internet – see the individual city for more details. Many hotels in LEZ cities also offer to order the stickers on behalf of their guests, if they receive the requisite documents in advance.
German LEZ stickers can be purchased online for all vehicles in all countries for 12.50€, also in different languages.

Germany also accepts the stickers from Czech Republic.

Foreign vehicles affected?
Foreign vehicles are also enforced and are required to buy a sticker. Foreign vehicles emissions are taken primarily by vehicle age, as in the table below.

View Foreign Vehicle Table (opens in popup) or in a new page

Retrofitting allowed?

Retrofit Details
German vehicles need to have a particulate trap certified on behalf of the German government. Local garages can advise on which filters should be used and this page. allows you to find out what particulate filter your German registered vehicle can use - now for heavy as well as light duty vehicles. See also our retrofit page.

Hours of operation
Permanent, 365 days a year.

Manual enforcement by police of sticker in the windscreen. Even if the vehicle meets the emissions standard, if there is no sticker in the windscreen, the vehicle is illegal in the zone.

for driving or parking your vehicle without valid sticker: 80€

National Scheme
A National Framework sets out the Emissions Classes and main rules that can be used by cities for LEZs in Germany (see Need to Register?). The cities or regions then decide whether, where and when to do a LEZ, and what emissions standards will be required.

View National Scheme Table (opens in popup) or in a new page

Stickers similar to those used in Germany, and mutually accepted, exist also in the Czech Republic.

Offenbach exemptions

Local name for the scheme

Further Information
Germany LEZ website

City website
Offenbach website
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