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There is an access regulation scheme in Rome called tour bus system.
It divides the Rome ZTL in two parts. For each part apply different charges:
ZTL 1: Western part of Rome center including Aurelian walls and Vatican area and
ZTL 2: between G.R.A. (Grande Raccordo Anulare) and ZTL 1

There is also a Low Emission Zone in Rome and an access regulation Rome - AR.

There is also the possibility of emergency measures on days with extreme pollution, particularly in the winter. Options include banning alternating number plates, or a ban all vehicles. Notification is by the local press.

The minimum Euro standard for tourist busses is Euro 2 with particulate filter, Euro 3 with particulate filter and Euro 4 or later.

From January 2019 the minimum standard for tourist busses is Euro 3 with particulate filter and Euro 4 or later.

From January 2021 the minimum Euro standard is Euro 4 with particulate filter.

If a coach (tourist bus) wants to enter Rome, a daily pass has to be bought. The coach pass system for Rome is very complex and the price depends on

  • the duration of the stay
  • which ZTL is entered
  • how long the stops are

Go here for a very good thourough description of the details in English or here to the official site in Italian.

There is a discount of 50% for electric and LPG and methan powered coaches.

Tourist busses (coaches)


The cost of the passes depend on the length of stay, how far you go into the city center and how long the stops are. For an overview go here.

access restriction

Rome coaches map
key: green area is ZTL 2 and white area inside is ZTL 1

You can find all parking places listed on the larger map, click here.

Passes for coaches (tourist busses) can only be bought online. You need to register first and then you can login and buy the pass online.

There is a discount for daily passes bought online here.

Here you find a Manual to the Virtual Counter.

This is a M.E.P (Macchina Emettitrice Permessi = permit issuing machine) where you can browse the website of Roma Capitale Mobility Agency, print out permits you previously bought online or buy new permits:
MEP machine Rome
Here is a Manual that explains how to use the M.E.P. machine. The M.E.P . machines are found at the check points: Aurelia, Laurentina and Ponte Mammolo.

There is a 50% discount for electric vehicles or with motor powered by LPG or natural gas, 10% discount for Euro 5 and 20% for Euro 6.
There are extra charges for Euro 2 and Euro 3 vehicles (with Diesel Particulate Filter). 

For more information how to enter the vatican by tourist bus see here.

Yes, are affected.

Camera enforced and 'Roma Servizi per la Mobilità' is carrying out random checks on the tour busses coming to Rome.
Remember that for a counterfeit permit, in addition to a fine, they shall provide simultaneous notification to the Legal Authorities. All the information about sanctions and enforcement activities.

The fine for entering without valid permit is 500€. Further suspensions are possible.

Pullman turistici, tour bus system

For further information contact:
Front office (for season tickets)
Piazzale degli Archivi, 40 Tel.: 0039 06 57003
fax: 0039 06 46957716
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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