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The new Norwegian legislation allows all kinds of measures to reduce PM and NO2. Norway has a congestion charging scheme for studded tyre use in cities. Bergen and Oslo have already established the scheme, Trondheim and Stavenger will follow. Studded tyres are often used in Norway in winter. However, in urban areas, the studded tyres damage the street surface and also raise the PM levels.

Studded tyres season in Oslo is from 1st November to end of March.
If you want to use studded tyres in Oslo, you have to pay.
Monthly and seasonal sticker can be bought online and by phone. Stickers for Norwegian, Swedish, Danish and Polish cars can be ordered by SMS here.
There are also vending machines in Oslo where stickers can be purchased.
Map vending machines Oslo

The studded tyres season in Bergein is from 1st November to end of April.
They can be bought online at Bergen studded tyres. There you can also find information on an app to buy the stickers.

Vehicles using studded tyres during the studded tire season.

NOK 10 are about 1€.
sticker price duration
Daily stickers kr. 30, - 24 hours
month sticker kr. 400 - A call ends month
season sticker kr. 1200, - All season

vehicles > 3.5 tonnes pay double price.

Congestion charge

Oslo studded tyres scheme:
studded tyres oslo map
key: orange line is the boundary of the studded tyres scheme

You need to buy a sticker.

Are affected

Permanent, 365 days a year.


A fine of NOK 750 (= 80€).


These vehicles are exempted:
- handicapped drivers or passengers with a handicap parking permit
- motorcycles
- trailers
- tractors
- emergency vehicles
- police cars
- vehicles fitted with equipment such as ploughs, salt or sand spreaders etc., on duty to maintain roads and streets
- diplomats



If you have questions about the studded tire scheme:

Telefon: 23 48 20 30
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Leaflet studded tyres Oslo

Neumanns gate 1
Tel.: 55568850
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Leaflet on studded tyres in Bergen


Information on Stavangers studded tyre scheme from the National Ministry

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