Empoli exemptions

a) vehicles with electric or hybrid (electric motor and thermal) or hydrogen;

b) vehicles with methane and G.P.L. or bi-fuel (petrol - gas, petrol - LPG) only use gas as fuel on this route;

c) vehicles of the police forces of the state, of the Municipal Police, the Armed Forces, Fire Brigade, Civil Defence, on emergency or rescue;

d) vehicles owned or used by persons having functions of the Judicial Police;

e) vehicles of public assistances, limited to essential services and emergency vehicles and Doctors;

f) vehicles used for the performance of services for the urban hygiene;

g) vehicles at the service of disabled persons bearing the sign prescribed by the Highway Code;

h) vehicles used for transport of people to healthcare facilities to undergo medical examinations, treatment and analysis programmed in possession of relevant medical certification;

i) vehicles in the wake of funeral ceremonies;

j) recreational vehicles;

k) historic vehicles provided in possession of the historicity of the Certificate of Identity / Approval, issued following registration with the historical records or enrolled in clubs or associations bringing together such vehicles;

l) public service vehicles belonging to companies that perform maintenance on urgent and essential services (eg gas, water, electricity, telephone), vehicles equipped for emergency repair and maintenance of electrical, hydraulic, thermal and technological ;

m) vehicles which are travelling to the annual inspection and maintenance test, only for the path strictly necessary;

n) vehicles engaged for special or exceptional activities at the discretion of the Municipal Police Officers;

o) Vehicles subject to the restrictions for which the owner is in possession of the appropriate documentation that the latter:
   - Having purchased a vehicle exempt from the limitations mentioned above;
   - You have booked the vehicle to be converted to a gas engine.

This documentation from 'right to free movement limited to the period required for the actual replacement or alteration of the half, but not more than 90 days;

p) vehicles with at least three people on board, all equipped with driver's license (car pooling);

q) vehicles involved in controlled studies by the city to improve energy efficiency and reduce emissions;

r) car whose driver is over 66 years old.

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