Magdeburg and Halle (Saale) exemptions
1) General requirements for exemptions:
a) Retrofit not possible (either not available, or not financially viable or the required time was not allowed) and
b) Proof of the fact that it is not financial viable or a threat to the firms existence for a replacement vehicle to be used and
c) No alternative vehicle or transport possibility is available and the use of public transport is a significant burden (also relevant with a delay in the retrofiting or replacement of a vehicle) and
d) The requirements below are fulfilled.

2) Particular requirements:
a) Time limited rules for vehicles in the public interest for delivery of essential goods and services
i) Trips to deliver essential goods to the population (e.g. to food shops, pharmacies, old peoples homes, hospitals and similar public facilities, weekly and special markets)
ii) Trips to deliver essential services to the population (e.g. for delivery and repair of essential technical facilities, repair of buildings damaged including by water, gas or electrical damage, social and care help
iii) Trips perceived to be in the general and not moveable individual interest (e.g. required doctors visits, shift-work, exhibitions)
iv) Individual trips for special purposes (e.g. heavy goods transport, maintaining preparation and production processes such as building sites, deliveries)
b) Time limited rules for trips with special vehicles with high costs of purchase or retrofitting and low mileage in the LEZ. E.g. Cranes and similar vehicles (as long as they are not registered as an engine), heavy goods transporter, special vehicles with special body parts
c) Time limited rules for buses. Buses can be freed from the LEZ requirement if their operation is in the public interest (e.g. public transport, school transport, international bus lines, in individual pick up or drop off of coaches driving to exhibitions). The length of this exemption is limited to the extent of the proved required need.

3) Time limited exemptions for residents and businesses within the LEZ
Exemptions can be applied for if:
a) The registered vehicle owner has a main or second residence in the LEZ (residents exemption) or
b) The registered vehicle owner has a business operation in the LEZ for which a vehicle is required to operate the business (business exemption)
The rules 1 and 2 above do not apply.
Proof of residence or business operation site is required.
The exemptions are valid until latest 31.12.2012 and limited to vehicles that were registered to the resident/business before 1.9.2011.

All exemptions are subject to a charge, depending on the length of the exemption and the size of the vehicle.

These exemptions are listed for your guide only. They are not officially translated and are current as of August 2011. The original on the city/regional/national website is the only accurate source.

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