Exemptions until 31 December 2010:
- All vehicles with a parking permit for Trade, Commerce and Businesses under the ‘Runderlasses III B-3-78-12/2’ of the Building and Traffic ministry from 16th April 2007. The permit, or that for disabled drivers should be clearly displayed in the vehicle.
- Diversions signed from the exempted motorway
- These exemptions are issued by the town of Münster. Where the LEZ authorities have mutual recognition agreements with Münster, then these exemptions will also be valid there.

Exemptions that need to be applied to – valid until 30.06.2010
- Residents, if their main residence is inside the LEZ “Bewohner-Ausnahmegenehmigung“. A displayed residents parking permit will be sufficient if an exemption has not been applied for.
- For businesses inside the LEZ „Gewerbe-Ausnahmegenehmigung“

Exemptions – valid until 31.12.2010 at the latest
- Buses that operate in the public interest, (eg, public buses, school transport, travelling to exhibitions and events, individual cases of vehicle access). The length of exemption is dependent on the need. This exemption must be paid for.

Exemptions – for a period of 6 months
- Distribution of important goods and services to the population, in particular:
- Requirements of food shops
- Requirements of Pharmacies
- Requirements of old peoples homes, hospitals and other public facilities
- Requirements of weekly markets
- Travel to undertake essential services, in particular trips:
- To repair and maintain technical equipment needed for operations
- To deal with damage to buildings, including the removal of water, gas and electrical damage
- For social and nursing support services,
- To exercise overwhelming and urgent interests of individuals, especially for:
- The need for doctor visits (eg, dialysis patients and others)
- Shift work for those of who are not able to use public transport or a bicycle,
- The maintenance of manufacturing and production processes, such as
- The supply and disposal of construction sites,
- Goods delivered to manufacturing plants and shipping of goods from the production plant for operational purposes including the transport, if alternatives are not available,
- For other public interest reasons, such as
- Passing through of heavy loads,
- Reaching exhibitions or events.

The duration of the exemption is limited to the time necessary and need demonstrated. These exemptions are only available on a daily, or short time period.

Exemptions – for a period of 1 year
Exemptions are available for a year, but all the following requirements need to be met. The exemption must be paid for.
Retrofitting the vehicle is not technically possible because such a system is not currently available in the market or the retrofit is not economically feasible
a replacement vehicle has been ordered, but delivery has not yet occurred and the delay is not the fault of the person who ordered the replacement.
The requirements set out above under exemptions for up to 6 months.

Exemption for special vehicles
A special permit be granted for a period of 5 years may be available for special vehicles because of their special technical features (eg, test van, media special-purpose vehicles), if it can be proved that retrofitting will not be available in the long term and a replacement compliant vehicle is not economically feasible.
The exemptions must be paid for and are extendable under the same conditions as in the initial application.

II.6 Exemption for the direct marketing of agricultural products
Farmers who sell via direct marketing with their own transport vehicles at the fresh market may apply for an exemption. It must be proved that there is no retrofit available and the replacement by a less polluting alternative vehicle is not economically feasible. The exemption is limited to the drive to and from the market, and carries must be paid for.

These exemptions are listed for your guide only. They are not officially translated, and are current as of winter 2009/10. The original on the city/regional/national website is the only accurate source.


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