The Niederösterreich LEZ does not apply to:
 in §§ 26, 26a, Section 1 and 4 and 27 Highway Code 1960 , Federal Law Gazette No. 159, mentioned emergency vehicles, vehicles in public service, vehicles of road services, rail maintenance, water and energy supply, sewer maintenance and refuse collection, vehicles used in case of disaster and vehicles of the fire department, the rescue and ambulance service in the line of duty ,

Vehicles of Agriculture and Forestry during their agricultural or mainly forestry activities,


Vehicles marked due to regulation paragraph 4, and for which an overriding public interest is given, which needs to be looked at in each case individually. However, this access may not be given if the vehicles emission is really high (regulation pursuant to §10 for road usage).

Vehicles of categories N1 and N2, the works traffic in accordance with § 10 of the carriage of goods Act 1995 , Federal Law Gazette No. 593 , as amended by Federal Law Gazette I No. 153/2006, in the redevelopment area by entrepreneurs whose lorry fleet comprises more than 4 trucks used and marked in accordance with a regulation pursuant to paragraph 4, where the fulfilment of these criteria is to be proved in each case ,

Vehicles with dedicated methane gas drive or electric mode as well as plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, which have a minimum range of 50 km on electric motor only,

vehicles meeting the Euro classes 5, 6 or higher:

Vehicles of doctors, veterinarians, funeral companies in the line of duty ,

b )
Public transport, including public hire for events, school transport etc,

c )
Motor vehicles, used for the purpose of loading activity in the exercise of a business activity and if the starting or ending of their trips lies in that part of the redevelopment area imposed for traffic restrictions,

Vehicles of carriage to and combined transport, when the loading point for combined transport is in a redevelopment area ,

Vehicles which are required to maintain the orderly functioning of airports which are obligated to operate,

Vehicles which are driven by holders or used by passengers with a passport pursuant to § 29b Highway Code 1960.

In addition, the Niederösterreich redevelopment area - and measures regulation particulate matter ( PM10), Provincial Law Gazette 8103/1-2 mentions the following exceptions:

§ 6 paragraph 4: Paragraphs 1 to 3 shall not apply

vehicles exclusively used on the non-public parts of an airport;

b )
Lorries and heavy goods vehicles that have at a certain, in paragraphs 1 to 3, defined point of time, proof that the specified emission limit values ​​for PM10 are not exceeded (e.g. due to a corresponding filter apparatus );

c )
Heavy goods vehicles with very expensive special constructions, vehicles that are intended for use as part of the funfair equipment , as well as historic vehicles within the meaning of the motor vehicle Act 1967 , Federal Law Gazette No. 267/1967 in the version of Federal Law Gazette I No. 90/2013 ;

Army vehicles and civilian vehicles that serve the purposes of the armed forces and in the immediate fulfilment of tasks of the armed forces in accordance with § 2 of the Military Act 2001 ( WG 2001) , Federal Law Gazette . I No. 146/2001 , are used, as well as vehicles of foreign troops , and have for their stay a concession by the troop Residence Act ( TrAufG ) , Federal Law Gazette . I No. 57/2001;

the use of vehicles in public interest e.g. fire brigade exercises or disaster relief, as well as to maintain the necessary infrastructure;

Lorries and tractor trailers when driving to and from authorized workshops for the purpose of repairs or maintenance .

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