a) Vehicles owned by anyone residing in the Low Emission Zone
b) Vehicles listed in Annex no. 8 of Law no. 201/2012 Coll.,:

·        Special vehicles,

·        Vehicle Integrated Rescue System

·        Vehicles to deal with emergencies or in connection with the crisis, including the supply of affected areas, collection timber after a natural disaster, special reconnaissance vehicles for elimination of consequences of damage (forestry equipment, construction equipment),

·        Vehicles transporting disabled persons, designated under the relevant regulations,

·        Military vehicles of the Army of the Czech Republic and NATO,

·        Vintage or heritage vehicles

·        Vehicles to carry out activities directly related to implementation of maintenance, repair and construction of roads or railways, gas equipment, electricity equipment, power equipment thermal energy supply systems and water systems,

·        Postal vehicles

·        Vehicles to transport municipal waste

·        Vehicles intended to correct the faults of water supply, sewerage, gas, electricity networks, distribution networks supply heat energy, public electronic communication networks and other utility services in the public interest,

·                    Vehicles providing regular public transport service.

2.The City of Prague can also grant a temporary or permanent exemption from the restriction to low emission zones for road motor vehicles for the following vehicle types, if an exemption is applied for:
a) special equipment, such as freight transporters, amusement equipment, and vehicles used as a workplace,
b) vehicles intended for the carriage of goods for cultural and social events, including recreational activities, education and training, or
c) vehicles intended for the carriage of solid, liquid and gaseous fuels for ensuring the operation of hospitals, welfare institutions and educational facilities.

3. The City of Prague can also grant a temporary or permanent exemption from the low emission zone due to illness, helplessness, or other impairment of a person who does not qualify for formally as severely disabled. for the following vehicle types, if an exemption is applied for

Who, where and how they can get an exception?

Any natural or legal person who meets any of the conditions listed above.
Exceptions will be granted at the request of the Environment Department of the City of Prague.
How to:
The request for exemption applicant shall specify the reason for the exemption and the period for which the exemption is to be allowed. To request the applicant shall submit:
a) an original or certified copy of certificate of a motor vehicle,
b) the original or a certified copy of the certificate of registration of a road vehicle issued under other legislation
c) documents proving the fulfilment of the conditions for exemption, for example:

-          technical description of thespecial vehicle + photographs,

-          acknowledgment of the cultural, social, recreational, educational or educational events,

-          contract with the hospital, the social department or school facility; or other confirmation that the vehicle is providing transportation of solid, liquid and gaseous fuels; or confirmation of the disease, impotence or other disability given by the attending doctor.

Exceptions will be considered according to the individual needs of the particular applicant. For this reason it is not possible to give an exhaustive list of required documents for allocation exceptions.

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