1. vehicles used for transporting people undergoing treatment and / or examinations and necessary referrals, able to produce on medical certification and / or reservation;

2. vehicles of family doctors or paediatricians in home visit with the doctor on board able to produce professional card and vehicles of professional nurses able to produce the registration card;

3. vehicles used for medical supplies;

4. vehicles to transport meals to the supply of hospital canteens in schools, homes for the elderly or single community;

5. Vehicles involved in civic and religious events and rites with its following vehicles (for the route from home to the event or rite and return);

6. vehicles owned by local authorities, the state, companies and public service agencies;

7. vehicles to the television text service carrying means of support and recovery, generators, radio, etc.. and vehicles used for distribution of the periodical press, journalists vehicles;

8. vehicles used by workers who are responding to call to find, by undertaking the repair, maintenance and support of facilities, local cleaning and car repairs, certified by the Chamber of Commerce as being unable to be postponed;

9. vehicles to companies that perform urgent work on behalf of the Town and / or on behalf of sub-services companies, with adequate documentation before they work;

10. vehicles of residents in other Italian regions and foreign citizens bearing a written copy of hotel booking, only to hotel from LEZ boundary;

11. vehicles travelling to the annual maintenance test, (with the documents proving this), limited to the route necessary;

12. vehicles used by ministers of religion;

13. vehicles used for urgent cases, certifying ground, path and time of movement;

14. vehicles of staff of the Judicial Police, drivers of emergency vehicles for voluntary associations and public transport vehicles, direct or leaving their place of work upon presentation of membership card to its structure;

15. vehicles in the service of judges and staff working at the courts;

16. vehicles Nurses and Firemen, direct or leaving their place of work, upon presentation of evidence that the membership of its structure;

17. vehicles belonging to voluntary associations and for the performance of social services;

18. doctors vehicles;

19. historic vehicles if in possession of a Certificate of Identity / Approval issued following registration in the appropriate historical records. The document should be kept on the vehicle and exhibited upon request of the control authorities;

20. vehicles of workers on shift, whose shift start/end coincides with the lack of adequate public transport service, only for the journey to work;

21. vehicles used for transportation of goods belonging to or leased to commercial operators on a public area with a regular license, only for the shortest route into and out of the place assigned to them to undertake the concession;

22. cars with at least three people on board (car - pooling) 23. vehicles used for transportation of goods belonging to or leased to companies established outside the LEZ but, continuously, making loading and unloading of goods from and / or on behalf of businesses located within the banned the circulation, only the shortest route in and out of the LEZ;

24. vehicles of companies, businesses and trades which are incorporated or operating within the LEZ;

25. vehicles carrying goods to make loading and unloading at the holdings within the LEZ, provided with appropriate documentation substantiating the services performed. 26. Diesel vehicles that were equipped with approved particulate filter. 27. Vehicles owned by residents of the LEZ during the following hours: § from 07:30 am to 09:30 am § from 12:30 to 14:30 § from 18:30 to 20:30 this exemption does not apply in the days when, as a result of exceeding the limit of PM10 fine dust parameter, the order applies union contingibile No 630 of 03.31.2010, as amended and supplemented.


These exemptions are listed for your guide only. They are not officially translated. The original on the city/regional/national website is the only accurate source.

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