Corona: City access regulations start to come out of lockdown

Regulations in cities like London, Gent, Antwerp, Milan are starting up again

As Europe starts to come out of lockdown, the congestion charges and low emission zones that were suspended are re-starting.

In the hard phase of lockdown, traffic levels - and pollution - dropped significantly, and access regulations in a number of cities were suspended to help essential workers travel safely to work. 

Now people are starting to travel again, traffic is increasing. Social distancing makes public transport currently a more difficult option. Many cities have increased the space for cycling and walking, for example in London, Gent or Barcelonasee also our news article, or the collection of Corona measures on the Eltis website, or this selection on the Polis site.

Some of the access regulations and dates:

Antwerp: 11 May
London and Gent:  18 May
Milan 31 May
Brussels: Fines will start on the first day of the month after the national Corona restrictions have been lifted.



Picture source: Unsplash Joakim Aglo

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