Many LEZs and congestion charges are starting or tightening on 1 January 2020

Changes for many low emission zones, ZTLs & congestion charges from 1 January 2020. 

Make sure you check before you drive or plan trips

The schemes that will change on 1 January 2020 are listed below:

   Geneva and Stick'AIR

From 15 January 2020, during an air pollution peak, any motorized vehicle not displaying a Stick'AIR sticker corresponding to one of the authorized categories will be temporarily prohibited from circulating in the center of the Canton of Geneva.  Read more ...

Rotterdam picture pixabay Rotterdam low emission zone no longer affects light duty vehicles

Rotterdam's measures have been so successful that the city is able to allow older petrol cars back in the Low Emission Zone. Read more ...

Stockholm starts a car, van and minibus low emission zone 15 January 2020

Central Stockholm will have a low emission zone for cars, vans and minibuses from 15 January 2020

 Grenoble's low emission zone extends in February
Grenoble is going to extend its low emission zone called ZFE (zone à faibles emissions) in February 2020. Read more ...
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