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Palma in Mallorca/Spain has progressively transformed parts of the historic centre into an access regulated area called ACIRE.
The restricted traffic zones (ACIRE) are special areas where only the traffic of authorized vehicles and other specific vehicles with a permit are allowed to enter.

Main features of the ACIRE in Palma:
- pedestians have the right of way
- cyclists are allowed in both directions
- maximum speed is 20 km/h - only permit holders are allowed to enter

Access regulation

access regulation map for Palma/Mallorca/Spain
blue lines: boundaries of the access restricted areas
purple: extension of the ACIRE
orange: existing ACIRE zones
green: resticted access
blue: restricted parking zone (ZAR)

    Road Sign
sign Palma access regulation

Yes, you have to apply for a ACIRE card to be able to enter the zone.
Who can apply?
- residents
- owners of parking facilities in the ACIRE zone
- non-residents owning properties in the zone
- people who often need to enter the restricted traffic zone in order to drive an ACIRE resident home
- people that need to enter the zone due to carrying out building works
- for loading and unloading you need an ACIRE business card

Ten extraordinary permits a year are issued to the same numberplate.
By Intercom systems located at the number plate checkpoints. Available 24/7, all year long.
By phone: 971225530. Available 24/7, all year long.
Per email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Hotels can send an email specifying the check-in and check-out date of the guest. Customers may also apply for the permit at the number plate checkpoint.

Loading and unloading can be done with the proper ACIRE business card at any time.

Stickers can be bought from post offices. Find more information about where and how here.
The table on this webpage under "National Scheme" will let you know which sticker you will receive.




Spain now has four emission stickers.The cities can use them also for incentives or bans of certain vehicles.  

Putting the sticker on your windshild is voluntary - as the scheme is camera enforced. 

Name of the sticker


Date of registration

Euro standard


Null Emission

Spanish blue sticker for zero emission vehicles




EV, plug-in-hybrid (minimum range 40 km), fuel cell


Spanish sticker ECO blue and green

blue and green

petrol: from 2006


diesel: from 2014


petrol: Euro 4, 5 und 6


diesel: Euro 6

Plug-in-hybrid (minimum range < 40 km), hybrid: gas: CNG, LNG, LPG. These vehicles have to fulfill standards for  green sticker C.


Spanish yellow sticker B


petrol: from January 2000


diesel: ab January 2006

petrol: Euro 3


diesel: Euro 4 und 5



Spanish green sticker C


petrol: from 2006


diesel: from 2014



petrol: Euro 4, 5 und 6


diesel: Euro 6



- public transport
- vehicles carrying goods & repair services (loading/unloading)
- motorbikes and two-wheeled mopeds
- bicycles
- vehicles with an ACIRE Card.
- security service vehicles, emergency vehicles such as ambulances and fire engines and vehicles holding a parking pass for carrying individuals with reduced mobility
- official service vehicles
- street maintenance vehicles or vehicles owned by contractors/ concessionaires of public services

For more information:
Oficina del Negociado de ORA-ACIRE
on the corner of Av. de Sant Ferran and 1 Carrer Son Dameto
Tel. 971225522 or 971225500 Ext. 2424-2135-2405
Palma ACIRE office website
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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