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Madrid has various schemes in place:

Madrid is one of 4 cities that have stated they wish to remove diesel vehicles from the city. As part of this, the city plans to increase the numbers of access restrictions for private cars.

NEW! The existing APRs (Áreas de Prioridad Residencial  = areas where residents have priority) will be extended and united into one big APR called Central Madrid. The APR Central Madrid will come into place in November 2018. It will be of informative character for the first two months and will be fully enforced from February 2019 on. The APR Central Madrid will cover practically the entire downtown area of Madrid.

The Grand Via is planned to be car-free by summer 2019.
There is also a plan to have a zero emission zone by 2025. It may be a traffic-free area. More details will be here when they are available.

For lorries over 12 tonnes there is no access on weekdays between 07:00 and 23:00 and Sundays and holidays at all times.

Lorries over 12 tonnes.


Weight regulation

Madrid map weight restriction
The outer boundary is formed by the blue street = motorway M-30. This motorway is excluded from the regulations.

    Road Sign

If you have to enter the city centre outside of the allowed times, you need to get a permit here.
Under impresos on the same page you'll find the online form.
Or call +34 915 298 210. The application must be accompanied by a photocopy of the registration certificate of the vehicle and the data sheet.

Stickers can be bought from post offices. Find more information about where and how here.
The table on this webpage under "National Scheme" will let you know which sticker you will receive.

Monday to Saturday 07:00 - 23:00 and on Sundays and holidays 00:00 - 24:00


According to the law.

Spain now has four emission stickers.The cities can use them also for incentives or bans of certain vehicles.  

Putting the sticker on your windshild is voluntary - as the scheme is camera enforced. 

Name of the sticker


Date of registration

Euro standard


Null Emission

Spanish blue sticker for zero emission vehicles




EV, plug-in-hybrid (minimum range 40 km), fuel cell


Spanish sticker ECO blue and green

blue and green

petrol: from 2006


diesel: from 2014


petrol: Euro 4, 5 und 6


diesel: Euro 6

Plug-in-hybrid (minimum range < 40 km), hybrid: gas: CNG, LNG, LPG. These vehicles have to fulfill standards for  green sticker C.


Spanish yellow sticker B


petrol: from January 2000


diesel: from January 2006

petrol: Euro 3


diesel: Euro 4 und 5



Spanish green sticker C


petrol: from 2006


diesel: from 2014



petrol: Euro 4, 5 und 6


diesel: Euro 6



Vehicles specially adapted for the transport of ready-mixed concrete.
Vehicles intended for the transport of containers (construction and demolition waste) containers.
Vehicles for the transport of broken down vehicles.

Circulación de camiones de más de 12 toneladas de masa máxima autorizada

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