Göteborg also has a Low Emission Zone in place.

Dates and details
06:00 - 18:29 Monday to Friday

Vehicles affected
All vehicles

The charge varies in Gothenburg according to the time of day between SEK 9 to SEK 22 with a maximum daily charge per vehicle of SEK 60.
10 SEK (Swedish Kronor) are approximately 1.10€.
The tax does not apply overnight, at weekends and on public holidays or during the month of July.
Gothenburg congestion charging table

A single charge rule applies in Gothenburg. Under this rule, a vehicle that passes several payment stations within 60 minutes is only taxed once. The amount that must be paid is the highest one.

Alternative transport
Goteborg public transport

Scheme Boundary
Göteborg map
red dots: charging points
black dotted line: boundary congestion tax zone

Road Sign
Stockholm control station

Need to Register?
The bill can be sent in three different ways.
• By default (if no other arrangements are set up), delivery is by post to the vehicle
owner's registered address, or
• You can set it up to be delivered electronically directly to the vehicle owner's Internet
• You can set up a direct debit arrangement called Autogiro that allows the tax to be
automatically deducted from the vehicle owner's bank account when the bill is due.
Please see the website of transportsryrelsen to set up the arrangements listed above.

Foreign vehicles affected?
From 1.1.2015 foreign vehicles are affected the same as Swedish vehicles.
Charges for foreign vehicles are collected by a company on behalf of the Swedish tax authority.

Hours of operation
06:00 - 18:29 Monday to Friday

Camera through an Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system.
Cordon scheme, charged when crossing into the area, enforced with cameras at the entrance of the scheme.

If the tax is not paid on time, a surcharge of SEK 500 will be imposed.

National Scheme
Yes, a similar scheme operates in both Stockholm and in Gothenburg, with different charges for each city.

• Emergency services vehicles
• Buses with a total weight of at least 14 tonnes
• Diplomatic corps registered vehicles
• Motorcycles
• Foreign-registered vehicles
• Military vehicles
• Cars with parking permit for disabled persons, after application to the Swedish National Tax Board. This exemption is not valid if the car is used for professional purposes.

Are there reductions for certain vehicles (eg cleaner / smaller vehicles)?
Certain cleaner fuelled vehicles registered between January 1, 2009 and August 1, 2012 have exemptions, see exemptions.

Reductions for multi trips or residents etc?
No reduction for residents, but the maximum charge per day and vehicle is SEK 60.
In addition:
• In Stockholm the Lidingö rule applies. This means that no congestion tax is paid for vehicles which pass two separate payment stations within 30 minutes where one of them is one of the payment stations on Gasverksvägen, Lidingövägen or Norra Hamnvägen.
• In Gothenburg a single charge rule applies. Under this rule, a vehicle that passes several payment stations within 60 minutes is only taxed once. The amount that must be paid is the highest one.

Local name for the scheme
Trängselskatt i Göteborg

Further Information
Swedish congestion charge information in English from the Swedish authorities. Information is also available from this page in German, Estonian, Finnish, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Russian and Slovenian.

City website
Göteborg city website
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