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NEW! From 1 January 2020 on the Swedish municipalities have the possibility to introduce three different kinds of low emission zones.

Low emission zones

Light vehicles (cars, light lorries and light buses up to 3.5 tonnes)

Heavy vehicles

Class 1

Not affected

Until 31 December 2020: 

Euro 5

From 1 January 2021: 

Euro 6

Class 2

Diesel & petrol Euro 5

From 1 July 2022:

Diesel Euro 6

Electric and fuel cell allowed

Class 2 does not include heavy vehicles

Class 3

Electric cars

Fuel cell cars

Natural gas vehicles 

Euro 6


Electric vehicles

Fuel cell vehicles

Plug-in hybrids, natural gas vehicles  Euro 6


Scheme in place:

All lorries and buses are allowed in the low emission zone for 6 years from the date of first registration.
All lorries and buses with Euro 3 standard are allowed in the low emission zone 8 years from date of first registration.

See table below.
This means that: Euro 2 can no longer enter the LEZ.

The latest a Euro 3 could be driven was 2015 (if first registered in 2007) or 8 years from first registration. 

Euro 4 vehicles could be driven until 2016, regardless of the year of registration or 8 years from first registration.
*        Euro 5 and EEV vehicles can be driven until 2020 or 8 years from first registration.

*        Euro 6 or better has no time limit until when they can drive in the LEZ.

Swedish Entry Requirements

* = end of 8 year period

** = last year this specific standard is allowed to drive in the LEZ

Obegränsad =  unlimited

All heavy, diesel-powered lorries and buses.

    Road Sign
Sweden Low Emission Zone Road Sign
Similar signs are on the entry to each Swedish LEZ.

Vehicles that meet environmental zone rules need no stickers.

Vehicles have exemption already agreed under the rules that applied before 2007 must their exemption sticker placed prominently displayed in the windscreen.

Adapted vehicles must meet all the emissions standards of the set Euro standard. It is possible to upgrade a Euro-2 and Euro-3 vehicles to Euro-5 via retrofitting emission control devices (such as particulate trap with SCR) approved by the Swedish Transport Agency.
It is important to retrofit with equipment that conforms with the rules for the Swedish LEZs. Those vehicles with an existing permit from the previous ruling on retrofitting with just particulate traps are still allowed.

24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


1000 SEK

The LEZ scheme is a local scheme operated by separate cities, but on a national framework. So the standards for each Swedish city are the same, see the standards outlined above.

A leaflet on the Swedish LEZs can be found here in English, here in Swedish, and here in German.

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