We make every attempt to ensure that the data on low emission zones and tolling schemes presented on our website are complete.

Completeness of the data on key Access Regulation Schemes

This information does not attempt to be comprehensive or cover every urban area, but cover as many cities and towns as are possible. The current coverage of key Access Regulation Schemes is complete for all cities with a population of over 0.5 million. It also includes a number of other schemes. The number of other schemes included will increase over time. We will focus on the larger cities, touristic areas and areas we know have schemes.

If you have information on key ARS schemes that we do not yet cover, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and this will help us increase the number of schemes we detail on our website.

There is no key-Access Regulation in the city you are searching?

Then check in the physical regulations, as they may have some restrictions there. To find all the schemes in a city, please use the Quick Guide.

Completeness of the data on physical Regulation Schemes

The completeness of the physical Regulations is dependent on the completeness of the HERE dataset that we use for this data. The current physical Regulations on the website were taken from the HERE July 2014 release. The completeness of the dataset is given in the table below. Functional Class 1-2 Roads are generally motorway and trunk roads, Functional Class 3-4 Roads, then the next two smaller categories of roads. The coverage varies by country. While the motorways are less relevant for urban areas, the trunk roads are relevant.

You can only see these data if you are logged in (see website header), so please log in before trying to access these data.

Country Functional Class 1-2 Roads Functional Class 3-4 Roads
Austria 100% 100%
Belgium 100% 100%
Bulgaria 100% 51%
Croatia 100% 50%
Cyprus 0% 0%
Czech Republic 100% 73%
Denmark 100% 74%
Estonia 100% 50%
Finland 100% 33%
France 100% 100% (FC3) 96% (FC4)
Germany 100% 100%
Greece 100% 21%
Hungary 100% 100% (FC3) 52% (FC4)
Iceland 100% 10%
Ireland 100% 26%
Italy 100% 100%
Latvia 100% 50%
Liechtenstein 100% 100%
Lithuania 100% 50%
Luxembourg 100% 100%
Malta 0% 0%
Netherlands 100% 100%
Norway 100% 50%
Poland 100% 65%
Portugal 100% 93% (FC1) 63% (FC2)
Romania 100% 57%
Slovakia 100% 100%
Slovenia 100% 33%
Spain 100% 81%
Sweden 100% 100% (FC3) 75% (FC4)
Switzerland 100% 100%
The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia 100% 0%
United Kingdom 100% 98%


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