This website is the 1 stop shop on urban access regulation schemes. It covers all the information vehicle operators and drivers need before they enter urban areas. We have information on Low Emission Zones and Urban Road Charging Schemes, as well as other Urban Access Regulations, provided in two types:

key ARS Major Access Regulation Schemes where access is regulated by other methods, also referred to on this website as 'key-ARS'.  This is where for example a permit is required to enter an area, or access allowed at certain times of the day. These are also known as Traffic Restrictions, Permit Schemes or in Italy ZTLs. Our website provides all the information you need on the schemes that operate in the larger or more touristic cities. We do not generally include pedestrian areas or parking schemes. This data is not comprehensive, but the numbers of schemes in this category will increase over time. Full details are found on our city pages, with all the information you need.

physical regulations Physical Regulations where access is regulated simply by a sign restricting the vehicle by vehicle type, weight, height, width, length or weight per axel.  This category has data taken from those who provide maps for satellite navigation devices. These data are so that we have all the urban access regulations in Europe covered in this website. There are likely to be some Major Access Regulation Schemes included in these schemes, and we hope to be able to include more of them under Major Access Regulation Schemes over time. Cities with physical ARS can be best found from our Quick Guide. The details of the physical ARS are given on the popups on our map, when you are logged into our website and zoomed into the city.

Access Regulation Schemes (ARS) is a phrase that covers all of the scheme types that we have on our website.

For more information, you can either go to the:

Air quality, liveability, congestion, noise are amongst the problems that many urban areas face. In many urban areas in the EU, the major contributor to these issues is traffic. Urban Access Regulation Schemes, such as those outlined above and included on our website are what many cities and towns introduce to improve the urban environment. It is important, if the urban areas are to be provided with goods and services, that vehicle operators and drivers can find out about these schemes – hence our website.

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